I'Tayanna Cage

Full-stack Developer
This is a simple 2 player click game. The player to reach a certain amount first wins. I programed this in JavaScript in an HTML file with simple CSS styling. this what a really fun project for me to do because it was a game that I could play with my little siblings and cousins. It meant a lot to me to see something i made being played by the kids in my life and seeing them have so much fun.
This show hide game was also really fun. I was able to customize it to incorporate my favorite anime show. I actually used mostly JQuery for all the logic., but like the click game it is just in a simple HTML file.
This was the first game we got to do in class. Tic Tac Toe! Most of the other programs before these were in the terminal and didn't have a frontend to show. Ita was also another fun thing to enjouy with friends and family. I used Javascript for this one as well.