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How code school is going...

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Week 1

The first week of code crew went amazing!! I am even more excited than when I started. I already impressed one of my teachers on my fast code skills. I also learned there are opportunities to graduate with distinction, That is definitely what I am aiming for. However, I was not expecting the course to be so intense. I mean ofcourse I was expecting a certain level of intensity because we are going to class 40 hours a week, but lord have mercy they are going through this stuff so fast! If you get up to use the bathroom for 2 minutes you already missed a whole section! I’m not even going to lie though, I find that super stimulating for me. I study history, politics, and theology just for fun. I am a weirdo who likes that kind of stuff and I am really enjoying being in class and learning. Learning at this speed is only making it that much more excited. I am sad that my only friend from the collective ditched me in the class myself. Also i am sad because this is such an incredible opportunity that i already see being so valuable in the future. I am sad he is missing out on that. I do understand his frustration though. This thing is really hard. The first week i went through it fair;y easily until friday when we lared the return function. That stressed me out on a whole new level. I won't let anything get in the way of me finishing this with all i have though. I finally feel progress being made in my life and the more i learn the less i feel as if im trapped or stuck. I can’t wait for week 2!

I only have good things again to say about week 2. Monday when we came back we had to use the return function again that I was struggling with last week. I realized that last week I was just stressing myself out because they are a really simple function to use. I was breaking my code last week not because I was misusing the bus return function but because of a syntax error that I was just too frustrated to pay attention to. So I’m realizing that I need to be patient and really just pay attention to every little detail because the tiniest misplaced semicolon can break your whole code. But I am still loving it we finished learning the basics of javascript and ended the week with starting on python. IT WAS SOOOOO EASY!! because all the concepts are the same in all languages so it was like doing the easy beginning stuff with javascript only using a different syntax. It was a great way to end the week. I also found something studying on my own. I ended up finding a pathway map thing someone posted on github. And it explained all the different things you should focus on learning for the different jobs out there. It got me even more excited for graduation. I got a long way to go but I know this is what I want to do.
Week 3

Another week down! We finished up learning python. Classes, objects, functions just like javascript only different syntax. This weekend i went to global game jam and got a chance to apply everything i’ve learned so far. I LOVED GLOBAL GAME JAM! I even won a videogame ina raffel. But coding the games was super fun. It was also super hard because the IDE we were using kinda sucked and really limited us with what we could do and it used java which is a language that is old and one we are unfamiliar with. But I had a great week of class even tho it was cut short because of the Holiday on Monday we were out. However a few of our classmates still came for a study session and it was really great. Some stuff in my personal life has been distracting me and draining my brain power before I get to class so I found myself a little frustrated in the middle of the week. However my situation has improved and I am on to learning HTML next week and I can’t be more excited! HTML is the web files we have been running our JavaScript code in so I am curious to see what they have us doing this week. But I am still going throng and doing great and I’m obviously learning a lot because I rocked the game jam!
Week 4

I can not believe we have been in code school for a month now. We are zooming through material like woah. I am enjoying it with all my little heart though. I apparently am pretty good at it and it is so nice finding that out about yourself. The game jam definitely has me dreaming of becoming a designer. With this week going through html and css confirms it. Technically, those languages has nothing to do with game design unless you are doing an internet game, but what i meant was that as i’m learning more i can see how all of this is going to connect. We started writing javascript in html files and now we have come a full circle back to html language with some added css and it has me super excited for the coming weeks. I see how we will start combining it all for projects and big code that will go in our portfolios and the possibilities im dreaming is bigger than i've ever imagined. You can literally create anything you want. I am also nervous about the coming weeks because i also see this becoming more intricate and complicated. Our code is about to combine the html web files with the actions of the javascript code along with designing everything through stylesheets. So far we have been winning small victories by accomplishing a small task with a piece of code from only one of those at a time. Now we are going to start writing so much code it will all have to fit perfectly to work and that scares me a little. I can spend a few hours on only one small piece of code trying to figure out how to write it to do what i want without it breaking. Now that we are going to write bigger codes i have more that i need to accomplish and i understand how complicated that is going to be. I definitely see a lot of frustration in the future but the fact that all of that code terminology just came out of my mouth has shocked me enough into believing i can do this. I never thought i could understand something like this and i am super excited to elevate all that i have learned next week.
Week 5
This week was freaking rough man. I had a lot of life barriers in the way that made concentration extra hard. Honestly when I was homeless and sleeping at school I was making better grades. I missed a day and I was completely lost. I proibably messed off any chance to graduate with disinction. But that is beside the point now. I studied my butt off all weekend and I think I’m caught up a little. HTML and javascript together was just as exciting as I hoped though. I really enjoyed making interactive websites. We also learned an extension of javascript called Jquery. It confused me a little mainly because I was overthinking it. We had to download some existing javascript code and use it as if it were our own functions we were calling. I just was too focused n the fact is was javascript but it seemed like another language we were learning. But i overthink everything haha. But now that i am passed that i am ready for the week to com wich will be our first project. I know it will be a big website we will have to make because that is really the one thing we know how to do. I am just so excited. I am a little nervous because I was struggling really bad this week. But I am still extremely determined to be successful in this program. I truly am in love with it and know in will love doing it for the rest of my life.